These days we will almost always be in front of a computer screen -- desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone. It’s ubiquitous and it has permeated every fabric of society. The workplace is no exception. If we’re not too careful, we can even hurt our eyes. Our eyes can get drier than usual when we’re staring too long into the computer screen.

This is why taking breaks while at work will always be a good thing. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a 15-minute break or a quick less-than-a-minute break. Business blog Inc. published an article about taking micro breaks that can help us all in the workplace. And if you ask me, this could be applicable as well even outside the workplace. Read the article here for a more detailed explanation on that.

Fitness and Wearables

Fitness infographic

That meme says a lot actually. Things have come a long way in just a decade when it comes to running. And this is not just with running. The world of fitness is already inundated by technology in the form of wearable. Slash Gear has an article that discusses the relationship of fitness and wearables. It is a perfect match? Will the relationship last?

Infographic: Color Schemes

12 Cardinal Rules For Harmonious Color Schemes