REP. Raul del Mar distinguished himself as the lone courageous Cebuano congressman who voted against death penalty. After expressing the same sentiments a few months ago in an interview, I was hoping Cong. del Mar’s tribe in Cebu would increase. Unfortunately, he remained the only one.

No. I was not hoping Rep. Bebot Abellanosa would vote “No.” I expected him to go “Yes.” But deciding to abstain? Ah, at least he managed to gain the distinction of being the only congressman without any conviction on this very heated issue. Maayo gani kay wa mo-absent pareho ni Rep. Raymond Mendoza.

On the other hand, Rep. Gwen Garcia distinguished herself as having successfully helped in steering the Congress super majority to vote an overwhelming “Yes.” Rep. Garcia ably articulated her position on the death penalty during a CNN program.


I am personally against the death penalty. I said that several years ago. I am saying this again today. Unfortunately, efforts to strengthen the justice system obviously failed. Imagine, big drug lords running their syndicates right behind the walls of Bilibid?

Also consider the existence of incorrigible felons. A high school classmate of mine works in a special prison facility for incorrigible criminals in California. I thought, what we have in the Philippines are prisons that drug lords turned into havens. I hear stories that the prison guards themselves are the ones acting as drug couriers.

I also hear stories of fiscals and judges taking bribe money. Bisan inosente mapugos pagdugo.

And do you believe PNP Chief Bato already cleansed the police organization of scalawags? If priests join Tokhang 2 reloaded, they will just have to be ready with their holy water to bless the dead.

But then, Cabinet Secretary Jun Evasco had explained before the Kilusang Pagbabago Visayas last year that extreme measures are needed with the collapse of the five pillars of justice.

And majority of Filipinos agree with him. They voted for President Rodrigo Duterte and his extreme measures against illegal drugs.

I don’t think the momentum towards the return of the death penalty could be stopped. Perhaps, we who oppose the death penalty should refocus on instituting reforms that would render the death penalty, even EJK, unnecessary.


We could all agree on eradicating corruption within the PNP, not just in anti-drug units. A more common occurrence affects drivers. Last month, a family friend figured in an accident. A motorcycle rider bumped her car near the SRP tunnel. To make the long story short, she agreed to an amicable settlement. However, the police investigator won’t release her license unless she pays P3700. I helped her get back her license. Unfortunately, she won’t pursue the case.

This is the reason I am quite skeptical of the police statements in the David Lim case. For instance, they said it was a frontal collision. But there was no explanation why the car’s damage was at the left fender. Padugo? (@anol_cebu in Twitter)