ON SATURDAY, we went to one of the most ancient Madaris in Tugaya, Lanao del Sur to bring to them the Brigada Madrasah for Lanao Madaris along with Medical and Dental Missions. This project is spearheaded by the Ranao Council (RC) especially the applicants of the organization.

RC is one of the prestigious organizations in Lanao del Sur since its inception in 1977. This specific project for this year is aimed at bringing the great understanding of what cleanliness and hygiene can do to Muslim societies like ours here in Lanao.

Why is the interest on cleanliness and hygiene? It is because we, as Muslims, are enjoined to prioritize cleanliness from personal to public level because of our faith.

In that said activity, a cleanliness drive was done along with the brigade renovation for the Madrasah chosen by the organization. It was the first time of its kind to do these community-led group cleanliness and hygiene missions because we want to make the chosen Madaris areas of Lanao to be model Muslim schools.

However, no matter how organizations design cleanliness drive activities in Lanao, there are still areas which are in need of great attention.

In Marawi City area alone, we have particular areas such as the public market which turns into public dumpsite at night due to the huge garbage disposals that come from each business stall.

Then in different streets, we see garbage early in the morning as they are being picked by one of the dump trucks of the city if not the only truck in charge of the town.

Nonetheless, the Marawi solid waste management team was successful in forwarding awareness despite the huge number of the community. What is difficult though is the cooperation that we need from the community folks.

There are some households members who don’t follow the rules of the barangay garbage disposal time. They throw garbage on the inappropriate time and place. Hence, this added to the ruining of the garbage system and has added eye sore in the city streets.

What is so difficult in following the time scheduled for the disposal? Is it because of one’s pure laziness or a mere negligence? Either ways, to me, this act is irresponsibility on the part of the community folks.

What we do not know is the advantage of following city ordinances. It will help a lot if all town households will follow the rules. Rules are rules. If followed, many will enjoy the beauty of the wisdom behind it.

Interestingly, Islam has not failed in reminding its believers through its holy scripture. In fact, in the Holy Qur’an, Allah says, “…Truly, Allah loves those who keep themselves pure and clean” (2:222). Hence, believers are expected to do worship as they observe cleanliness.

Islam sees the significance of cleanliness and hygiene. This is the reason why every Muslim is required to perform ablution or must be purified before he will perform his five daily prayers. This is simple indication that Islam requires us to be clean in all our dealings.

Hopefully, as this generation of Muslims grows, we hope that they can all internalize the beauty behind forwarding cleanliness. Civilizations in the world consider the importance of cleanliness as part of the major indications of a society’s development.

Therefore, let us continue inspiring our people in forwarding and following the rules on garbage disposals no matter what race or ethnicity we have. As Muslims, though, we have to be more of a doer not just as a talker. Indeed, this will tell much of who we are as a Muslim in this country.

May we all be guided by the Almighty.