TREASURE hunter Eliseo Cabusao Jr. and the National Museum is set to face the local council on Monday.

Aldermen invited representatives from the National Museum to explain on how permits are acquired without local approval as well as Cabusao to relay his detailed plans on how to extract the alleged Yamashita Treasure from the Baguio Convention Center.

Cabusao was granted permit by the National Museum to look for treasure with the Treasure Hunting and Disposition of Recovered Treasures Permit clashing with existing laws of the city.

Cabusao holds a permit signed by National Museum director Jeremy Barns, the Treasure Hunting and Disposition of Recovered Treasures Permit.

The committee on environment, headed by Councilor Elaine Senbrano has recommended approval for the treasure hunting expedition of Cabusao, which has triggered a debate in the council.

Councilor Art Allad-iw has voiced his opposition to the project saying it goes against the environmental laws of the city while Councilor Faustino Olowan said the activity will pose as a security risk.

Cabusao is asking the local government to allow him to dig the expanse of the Baguio Convention Center in a bid to recover alleged truckloads of gold bars believed to be part of loot left by Japanese soldiers during World War II.

Cabusao earlier said extraction is not going to be invasive. (Maria Elena Catajan)