PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte slammed Monday the families who occupied low-cost government housing projects in Bulacan province.

Duterte, in a press conference, said he would order the immediate issuance of eviction notices to urban poor families from Metro Manila who occupied several idle houses in Pandi town and San Jose del Monte City in the province on March 8.

"You know, frankly speaking, you sometimes say, ‘Obey the law, no Martial law.’ But you want to ignore the law. You cannot do that. I will force the issue with eviction,” the President said.

“Let’s have a dialogue. Don’t do that because that’s anarchy. You just give me excuse to – do not do that because the government appears to be inutile. Don’t do that to me. For meI will know what I have to do. I will do what I have to do even if it puls me down,” he added.

Around 5,000 homeless people, aided by members of the Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap, have reportedly occupied idle housing units in Bulacan.

The National Housing Authority had already given the informal settlers a week to leave. The occupants, however, had refused to vacate the idle houses, despite the warning. (SunStar Philippines)