MISTAKING domestic abuse as an offshoot of financial troubles in the family is the main reason most cases reported to the violence against women and children desk are not solved in the country, an official said.

Cebu Provincial Police Office Women and Children Protection Center (CPPO-WCPC) Head Police Senior Insp. Marginette Yosores said that only eight out of 10 cases of reported domestic violence are pursued by the victims.

However, after six months, five of these women will no longer act on the matter, and will instead continue to live with their abusive partners.

“It’s because these men are the breadwinners of the family, that’s why they feel entitled to belittle the women. The women will just say, ‘Bana man gud, ma’am’ (Because he’s the husband),” Yosores said.

She explained that the women will only “decide it’s time to report” to the authorities if the maltreatment transitions from psychological to physical abuse.

Most of the time, victims seek assistance from authorities on the days leading to the “payday” of every month, as most of the reported cases stem from financial issues.

While most of the cases involve the poor and below minimum wage earners, Yosores pointed out that domestic violence inside the homes of middle and upper class families should also be paid the same attention.

She lamented that even women who can afford to pay for legal remedies find it hard to pursue cases against their partners due to threats against them and their children.

Psychologist Dr. Anna Katrina Watin said that while there is a misconception about women being the sole homemaker, it is the couple’s role to take care of the family together.

“It will not make you less of a mother if you ask for help. There is a multiple burden in the role of a woman. Everyone should learn that a woman should be celebrated because she deserves every bit of respect,” she said.

Sheba Dabon of the Department of Social Welfare and Development 7 urged everyone to work on creating community-based empowerment programs and activities for women.