PURSUANT to PhilHealth Circular No. 009-2015, all premium contributions of employers and their employees in the government and private sectors shall be made at any PhilHealth’s accredited collecting agents (ACAs) or through e-payment facilities. A complete list of all accredited collecting agents can be accessed through www.philhealth.gov.ph.

Only premiums from micro-firms employers with less than 11 employees and kasambahays shall be accepted at PhilHealth offices.

However, exemptions shall be granted in areas or provinces in the following circumstances until such time that access for payment and electronic reporting can be provided:

For provinces classified as geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas with no available internet service provider and accredited collecting agents, premium payments and soft copy reports will still be accepted in PhilHealth officers; and

In areas where there are ACAs but no available internet service providers, soft copy reports shall be submitted to the nearest PhilHealth office.

The circular is effective July 1, 2015, covering the contributions for the applicable period of June 2015.

(Source: Punongbayan & Araullo)