SABLAN, Benguet – While a heated debate on the lowering of age of criminal liability rage on in the Congress, Cordillera Association of Regional Executives (CARE) is making sure Children In Conflict with the Law gets their second chance.

Some 17 children 12 to 17 – year – old with different cases are being nurtured at the Regional Rehabilitation Center for the Youth (RRCY) in barangay Bayabas in this town.

According to Maribeth Marcos, a houseparent supervisor of RRCY, they are conducting activities and therapy for the residents of the rehabilitation center in order for them to become better individuals.

Marcos added each child in the center have different cases which is important for them to consider as they rehabilitate them daily.

Rewards or privileges are given to the children as they continually progress inside the rehabilitation center.

Some are given the chance to take their home leaves or have their picnics outside the center. After rigorous rehabilitation and activities, they are evaluated in order to be reintegrated in to the community depending on the outcome of their court cases.

A tree planting activity and a flower arrangement workshop was held in their center through of CARE last week while Seedlings of fruit-bearing trees like mangosteen and lanzones were planted by the residents and board members of CARE.

Milagros Rimando, National Economic and Development Authority-Cordillera Administrative Region director earlier said they are glad to reach out to the residents of RRYC who needs help and are deserving to be reformed amidst their past actions against the law.

different materials, food, and clothes were donated to the rehabilitation center. Through the unified efforts of CARE, the residents will enjoy new set of clothes, vegetables, snacks, basketballs for their recreation, and water containers as well. ( Shena Golosino)