MANY aspiring presidents have started advertising themselves in the media. Most of them are seen on television. I have some suggestions that they can include in their platforms of government.

First is the abolition of the K to 12 program. The program would only add to the burden of parents, teachers and students.

It defies logic and common sense. Because students of today are becoming brighter, they don’t need additional two years of education.

Look at the professionals at present who are gainfully employed. Do they lack two years of education? Surely not.

The best change in education policy is for mastery and specialization. Students who choose certain fields of study must be given free choices of the subjects they want to take. Subjects they have no interest in but which they are forced to take would only become distraction.

K to 12 is only good for business in the government and private sectors but not beneficial to the consumers. That is a one-sided affair.

Second is the repeal of the law exempting from criminal liability minors who are 15 years old and younger. Nine years old and below, as provided in the Revised Penal Code, should remain applicable.

With the modern technology that we have now, people are not getting dumber. That law presupposes that the mentality of 15 years old of today are equivalent to 9 years old of the past, which is absurd. Children are becoming brighter because of the modern nutritional know-how of parents. That law increasing the age of exemption only encourages the commission of more crimes.

Third is to pass a law allowing same-sex marriage. This would really attract gay and lesbian voters. To marry a lover of same sex is a valid pursuit of happiness for may people. All citizens have the right and freedom to pursue their own happiness.

A presidentiables should not be selfish to overlook the happiness of other kinds of human beings.This would help avoid the spread of the Aids virus, because this kind of marriage should also be a monogamous one.

Fourth is to strictly impose the policy of “first come, first served” in all government offices performing public service.

I cannot help expressing my thoughts because, if a president is really serious and sincere in helping his countrymen, he or she should be literally a help and not an oppressor.--Atty Conchito E. Germino of Paknaan, Mandaue City

Drugs, human trafficking

The Province of Cebu and the Cebu City government should seriously confront the problem of illegal drugs and human trafficking and make Cebu City and the province free from the two kinds of menace.

They should also make Cebu City and Cebu province a model for other cities and provinces to follow. --09297327343

Talamban police

Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama should transfer the Talamban Police Station elsewhere. The traffic policemen and enforcers there are remiss in their duty of apprehending trucks and habal-habals that glaringly violate traffic rules and regulations. These under the noses of those men in uniform. --telephone number of texter withheld