GERLYDA Sanchez-Spiller, sister of Cebu Provincial Board Member (PB) Grecilda Sanchez-Zaballero, came to her aid against their brother Greco, asking him to stop making up stories against the PB member.

“To Greco, stop lying. You and I know all inheritance money have been properly accounted for. So stop making up stories for people to pity you,” read Spiller’s text message sent to Zaballero, referring to their brother Leodegreco Sanchez.

Zaballero said her brother’s lawyers are making money from the charges filed against her.

She is not angry at her brother for the criminal and administrative complaints he filed against her, saying her brother wants freedom from the rehabilitation center.

Spiller now lives in Canada.

She said in a letter, “We want him to enjoy what dad and mom left for him but not drugs and the people who take advantage of him knowing that he has money.”

Last May 27, Greco filed two complaints against Zaballero at the Office of the Ombudsman for graft and for violation of the Code of Conduct for Public Officials and Employees.

Yesterday, Zaballero showed Spiller’s text message and letter.


She said she opted to stay in their Guadalupe house rather than in their Maria Luisa house, saying, “I don’t want to be traumatized all over again.”

“But I won’t lose hope in praying that one day I will see a better, more mature brother I have longed for,” Spiller’s letter stated.

Zaballero also showed Greco’s April 11 and April 17 letters, where he asked for Zaballero’s forgiveness.

A month later, Greco filed complaints against Zaballero.

“I was surprised. What he said in his letter was different from his actions,” she said.

Zaballero suspects someone is manipulating her brother and taking advantage of his vulnerability.


Zaballero showed two documents, a summary of a negotiated check of Greco and a check/cash voucher.

Last Feb. 24, Greco issued a check worth P400,000, as shown in the summary of checks. The other document is a check/cash voucher dated Feb. 23, stating that the payee is Rameses Villagonzalo. The amount is P400,000. It said, “For acceptance fee and miscellaneous expenses.”

Villagonzalo is one of Greco’s counsels.

In an earlier interview, Zaballero urged Villagonzalo not to make her turn against her brother as she will not allow him to destroy her family.

Making money

Villagonzalo yesterday lashed out at  Zabellero for saying that her brother’s lawyer is raking in money from Greco.

Villagonzalo denied he received P400,000 as acceptance fees.

“I just wish it (acceptance fee) is true, but I received much lower,” Villagonzalo told Sun.Star Cebu. He wouldn’t say how much he received.

Villagonzalo plans to file charges against Zabellero. He said he might ask the anti-graft office to check her assets and liabilities.

Villagonzalo said he has nothing to do with the charges Greco filed against her because he just represents Sanchez in his drug case and his rehabilitation.