CHIEF Superintendent Renato Gumban, acting director of Police Regional Office in Negros Island Region, said on Friday, March 24, that they have received surrender feelers from suspected drug lord Victoria “Berya” Tolentino and other drug lords in Negros Occidental.

No specific date has been given for their surrender, Gumban said.

He said the drug lords have no choice but to surface as police have intensified the anti-illegal drug campaign through Oplan Tokhang 2: Project Double Barrel Reloaded starting this month.

Negros police have arrested more suspects than other police regional fices, Gumban said.

Ricky Serenio, Tolentino’s alleged bagman, earlier said through a radio interview that the Berya drug group leader will surface this week to execute her own affidavit revealing drug protectors in the province especially in Bacolod City.

Serenio, in his sworn affidavit, said that Tolentino gave protection money to police officials and other members of law-enforcement agencies to prevent them from arresting the members of Berya group.

Gumban said he is still urging Tolentino to surrender to anyone, anywhere for as long as she will surface.

There is a pending arrest warrant against Tolentino, he said, but refused to divulge further details about it.

She should surrender now or she might be killed if she continues to hide and resist arrest, Gumban added.