A MONTH after giving birth to her daughter Alexandria, comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto revealed she already lost 40 pounds.

The actress took to Instagram to share photos of her post-pregnancy body. She said from 187 pounds after giving birth last month, she's down to 147 pounds in just four weeks.

"Pag ganito ang lagay e di forget na ang emote at post partum. Mag ready na ako sa beach this summer 2017. Every summer kaya ko mag two-piece (bikini)," she wrote.

Quinto also disclosed the struggles she's going through as a new mom.

She revealed that she had bouts of postpartum depression, which makes her very emotional at times.

The former sexy actress said sharing photos of her new mommy body on Instagram helps her vent out her frustrations.

"Sa kakaiyak ko halos araw-araw, nag hubad and posing nalang ako, na tulala sa shocked na I have a child. Part ng post partum ko, di ko ma explain I can't stand to be out, parang I wanna scream tapos, nabibingi ako gusto ko umuwi agad sa bahay."

Quinto said she's slowly fighting postpartum for the benefit of her daughter.

"Nasanay ako na buntis, still adjusting , tapos ngayon I'm alone back to myself again, slowly regaining all my hormones and confidence para sa anak ko. I want her to see me ok so I can take care of her."

According to American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, about 15 percent of mothers are at risk of postpartum depression.

Some may experience feelings of anger, sadness, irritability, lack of interest in the baby, changes in eating and sleeping habits, trouble concentrating and having thoughts of hopelessness.

Postpartum Support International (PSI), an organization established in 1987 to increase awareness among public about the emotional changes experience by women during pregnancy and childbirth, advises mother having pre and post pregnancy anxiety to reach out to others and surround them with informed people or care providers.

PSI said postpartum depression is temporary and treatable and recognizing it is already winning half the battle. (SunStar Philippines)