AFTER the parades and events which brought us not just one but two holidays off during the recent Araw ng Dabaw celebration here in Davao City, my friend and I were looking for an adventure of our own but there is one problem - our wallet.

So on an impulse that Friday night (and because my friend was really persistent lol) we decided to stick to a P500 budget for a day trip. With our set budget, we headed for an adventure the next day.

Saan ka ba dadalhin ng P500 mo? The answer is Malagos Resort.

We went to the resort because we really wanted to visit their Chocolate Museum which is the first of its kind in the country. It also officially opened this month which makes it a perfect time for a tour.

“Tree to bar experience”

Walking around the resort, you will really know that you are near the museum with the inviting aroma of chocolate and that is because the museum is built around their chocolate factory.

As an international award-winning chocolate brand based in Davao, the concept of the whole museum is for visitors to be educated on the process of making chocolates from “tree to bar.” The museum showed about the history of chocolate, some replicas of things used in harvesting cacao and in making chocolates. Also, the journey of how Malagos Chocolate has come to what it is now.

The museum also has a kid section that also educates about making chocolate but in a cuter way. There is also the Malagos Chocolate bar where one can buy their products and also experience making their own chocolates for a fee of P450.

There is also a mini sweets park just right in front of the museum which has giant ice cream, cake and cupcakes perfect for some photo ops for visitors.

The Resort

Even though the resort has been open for quite some time, it was our first time to visit and we were also surprised because other than the museum itself the resort had a whole lot of beautiful sites to offer as well.

The resort has a science park wherein the rides are not only fun but also explains a certain science concept in it which is cool. We also got to explore their beautiful butterfly garden and Museo de Mariposa (butterfly museum). And I believe that it’s not nearly half of all the sites that you can see in the area.

Malagos Resort also has a restaurant and a café inside where you can dine and chill with your family and friends.

Getting there

We commuted to the resort which is located in Baguio District, Calinan, Davao City. From downtown, we took an L3 going to Calinan and from the terminal, we then rode a motorcycle going to the resort itself which is not that far.

Commute during that weekend was smooth and travel time took less than two hours to get to the resort.

For the budget here’s a breakdown:

Ride from downtown to Calinan: P40

Motorcycle ride to and from the resort going to the L3 terminal

(P20/ride): P40

Entrance fee to the resort: P200

Calinan back to downtown: P45

Total: P325

Note that we ate before going to the resort and went straight to the mall after to fill-in our tummies! (*wink) You can also stretch this set budget on weekends as they also offer a lunch buffet package worth P450 which is inclusive of the entrance and lunch in the resort. They also serve a la carte meals but only before and after the buffet schedules on the weekend. Rooms are also available for those who wish to stay longer in the resort.

Summer is just right around the corner and if you’re in for a day trip on a budget this may be the best place for you and the best thing is that it is not that far from the downtown.


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