ABOUT 8,000 kilos of spoiled or infected meat and meat products were confiscated from Baguio City's slaughterhouse this year, the city veterinarian reported.

The meat was found to be infested with liverfluke, gangrenous, or illegally slaughtered (bocha), according to Dr. Brigit Piok.

Piok also said 48,513 hogs, 2,464 cattle, 107 carabao, 711 goats and 147,505 poultries had passed inspection from January to May.

A total of 6,119,897 kilos of meat and meat products and 4,007,578 kilos of fish and fishery products also passed inspection.

Piok said 2,386.05 kilos of meat and meat products, and 20 kilos of green mussel (tahong) were seized from the city markets because of mishandling, lack of documents such as meat inspection certification or auxiliary invoice, adulteration, and decomposition.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan has formed a task force to monitor the sale and handling of meat in the city market following complaints that some vendors were mixing bocha with fresh meat. (Jho Arranz)