AN ORDINANCE is being proposed in the Baguio City Council for a 16-hour workday for infrastructure projects, particularly road construction and repair.

Councilor Isabelo Cosalan, who proposed the ordinance, said the proposed measure is meant to address the delays in road projects that lead to traffic build-up and accidents.

The measure will cover work on "drainage systems, sewer lines, waterlines, communication and power lines that pass through, along or over public thoroughfares in the City of Baguio."

"Road construction and repairs as well as facility installations, on, along or over roads, streets, alleys other thoroughfares are some of the major reasons of traffic jams and accident-prone areas, causing inconvenience to the public," Cosalan wrote in the measure's explanatory note.

"The slow implementation and completion of public infrastructure projects is perceived by the people as display of insensitivity, irresponsibility and inefficiency of delivery of public service by project implementers and contractors," she noted.

All project contractors will be required to implement two work shifts to speed up completion.

Contractors who do not follow the ordinance will be fined P5,000 a day.