IBALOI tribal leader Roger Sinot is exploring legal options to retain his seat as Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representative (IPMR) to the City Council.

Sinot won in the first IPMR election in November last year but was questioned by City Mayor Mauricio Domogan for the lack of participation of other indigenous tribes like the Kankana-ey and the Kalanguyas in the selection process.

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Sinot said a meeting with his legal counsel, Lauro Gacayan is slated this week to look on how to resolve the impasse caused by issues surrounding the selection process last year.

The embattled Baguio City IP rep said legal action may be needed in his case which has resulted to a push and pull of opinion about the process and the selection.

Recently, National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) Regional Director Roland Calde said until a consensus is reached by Indigenous Cultural Communities (ICCs) groups in the city, the seat remains open, calling to another process for selection.

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NCIP has responded to issues pushing the commission to bring the groups of the Ibaloi, Kalanguya and Kankana-ey for discussion and possibly another round of assemblies to decide if they will uphold his previous selection as IPMR representative or decide to go through another selection process.

The NCIP has created a body to oversee the new round of talks with the three groups involved.

NCIP said allegations of the Kalanguya and Kankana-ey groups not included in the selection process weighed the heaviest to compel the NCIP to push for another round of talks. (Maria Elena Catajan)