THE demand for Filipino nurses in Europe, particularly in United Kingdom (UK), had started to increase again with the retiring of local European nurses.

“The population of nurses in UK and Ireland are baby boomers. They are about to retire in five to six years. As early as now, hiring is extensive. Though there had also been a recession in America a few years ago, it opened again now,” said Resand Gaid, a nurse and the directress of the Rez Language Institute, a review center that conducts reviews for nurses taking up the International English Language Testing System before their employment abroad.

Based on the data provided by the recruitment agencies in the city that she currently is coordinating with, Gaid said demand for Filipino nurses will go as high as 20,000 for the next five to ten years.

“Not only do their nurses need to retire but also with the aging population of these industrialized countries, healthcare workers are really needed. There’s a huge demand of nurses abroad especially in nursing homes,” Gaid said, adding there is also particular demand for countries like Australia and New Zealand.