If the Cavaliers win in Game 4 at home, Lebron James will most likely be the Most Valuable Player for the NBA Finals this year.

At 3-1, Cleveland might steal Game 5 at Golden State and the King will deny Stephen Curry his second MVP award for this season.

If the Warriors prevail in next game, it is possible that Game 7 will decide who between the two superstars will add the MVP trophy to his cabinet.

Coach Steve Kerr has lost two straight games which could have been theirs if not for last second miscues of the Warriors.

And true to NBA's history, the finalist live and die with its most talented player. James seemed to have the edge but Curry might carry the Warriors to another title after 40 years.

With Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love gone, James found some support from less popular Cavs and by giving up the ball and trusting them, he is two games away for another championship ring and an MVP.

Curry was superb in the dying seconds of Game 3 but came up short after the Warriors got tired of trailing the Cavs which got some home court add-ons from the refs.

Kerr and his assistants must concoct some antidote to stifle James or at least minimize his output. But at 6'9” and with a body ready to tackle any Warrior, he seemed impossible to stop.

Game 4 is the key whether it will reach Game 7 or not. If the Warriors fall from their horses again, the Cavs might celebrate at Golden State.

Hope the Warriors do not jump from the bridge.

Two MVP trophies might be too heavy for Curry.