THE arnis team from Baguio City is gunning for a second straight title in the Philippine National Games, which will start on July 2.

The team finishing with 11 gold, six silver and four medals last year.

Arnis coach Jayson Vicente said his athletes started to train as early as last month.

“Continuous naman ang drills natin, as always we motivate our players so they see the value of continuous training,” Vicente said. “In this way we always keep up and will not be left behind with the improvement of the other teams who compete every year.” 

Vicente is optimistic Baguio will remain as the team to beat in the annual event.

“Landing as the best team overall yearly should be the goal of the arnis team of Baguio, we always have to make sure to get better than we were before, mas mahirap i-maintain ang title kaysa panalunan siya,” Vicente sasid.

In 2013, Baguio ruled arnis with a 16-10-9 medal tally from both labanan (sparring) and anyo (form) competitions.

Vicente said they are looking to field around 20 male and female arnisadors this year.

Baguio is sending at least 150 athletes to this year’s National Games.

Last year, Baguio finished with a 59-61-53 medal harvest coming from wushu, taekwondo, wrestling and muay thai.