BAGUIO City authorities are reminding residents not to let their pet dogs and cats stray in the street to prevent the spread of rabies.

Rabies is deadly viral disease usually transmitted through animal bites.  

“A responsible pet owner keeps his dog at home and will not allow it to go outside his home to cause nuisance to other people and the community as well.  Hindi madaling makagat ng aso dahil mahal ang anti-rabies vaccines,” Mayor Mauricio Domogan said.

City veterinarian Dr. Brigit Piok followed up on Domogan’s reminder.

“The purpose of having a dog is for a guard, for a pet and for the blind as a guide and for the sick for therapy. The guard dog must always be at its post at home and so with the pet dog, the guide dog and the therapy dog must always be home and well taken care of,” Piok said.

Piok reported that her office has vaccinated 14,217 of the city’s estimated 18,000 dogs.

She added that 689 stray dogs were impounded and 26 dogs and cats were neutered.

“Our office takes care of dogs that bite people while the bite victim is taken care of by the health services office,” Piok said. Jho Arranz