A P642,375 farm-to-market road built in Sabangan town, Mountain Province, will enable farmers in the area to transport their produce faster and at a lower cost.

The Pingad-Pandey road in Barangay Camatagan was turned over to the community by the Department of Agriculture-Cordillera Highland Agricultural Resource Management Project2 in a ceremony last May.

Farmers in Camatagan said some of them had to abandon their farms or look for some other source of income because of the difficulty in transporting the harvest to market. 

The road is also a short cut between Sabangan and Banao, Bauko.


The road benefits not only farmers but all 2,389 residents of Barangays Pingad, Bao-angan, Bun-ayan and Camatagan. 

“The CHARM2 Project has helped us a lot. If there is another project like this please, do include us again as one of the beneficiaries,” said Losad barangay captain Tarcisius Dampag.

Provincial Coordinator Beverly Pekas said the road was completed on March 30. Janice Bugtong Agrifino