AS PEOPLE become conscious with their diet coupled with the country’s innate marine resources and the trend of marketing seafood for diners patterned that of the US West Coast, Bucket O’ Shrimp & More has brought the Louisiana seafood lifestyle to Cagayan de Oro, and it has never failed to serve quality seafood that delights your palate.

Seafood has been a constant favorite of the Western culture, and the idea of eating the food by hand placed on top of wax paper originates there. After multiple times of going back and forth to the USA, Jhoy Neri, operations manager for Bucket O’ Shrimp & More, has finally decided to share to CdeO what she loves most in the States, making sure that they can serve exactly how the Louisiana taste is, but with a twist of something Pinoy.

Marketing Director Elvira Go said the concept for their interiors is the seaside for the customers to fully experience being one with their seafood and create a relaxed atmosphere. This restaurant which is in J.R. Borja Extension is an open space decorated with different elements that evoke the shore feel such as fishing nets, rubber boots, pirate-puns, and their newly installed shrimp logo, perfect for taking group photos when dining there.

Undoubtedly, the locals do enjoy their food. And what’s not to enjoy when you get to dine comfortably, and eat exquisite food by hand.

The house’s bestselling combination is the Captain’s Choice (a mix of shrimps, squid, mussels and crabs placed in a bucket) and the Captain’s Favorite, which is their flavorful signature sauce that gives it the Filipino taste. Executive chef Ann Neri was able to create a sauce from scratch that balanced the sweetness and the spiciness needed to make such piquant dishes. It is placed on a bucket to ensure food safety and striking presentation in serving the food.

The Cajun Calamari, with its savory spices marinating the squid well to accentuate its flavor, will fulfill your gustatory craving. Unlike the usual calamari serving which makes the squid plump because of its outside covering, Bucket O’ Shrimp & More gives you the calamari cooked in its natural form, without the flour extenders. As you eat it piece by piece, you get to recognize the peppery goodness of the calamari balanced by the zesty taste of the dip.

Bucket O’ Shrimp & More also offers meals that don’t involve seafood, so don’t worry if you’re not allowed to have shrimps. They have specifically designed their menu to cater to everybody’s craving. They have Cajun wings and spicy Buffalo wings glazed in a delicious red sauce.

The meals will be perfectly complete if paired with their Signature Drink made from a mixture of Ginger and Lemon in a frizzy H20 which will give a soothing feeling in the throat, and their Brownie Ala Mode, chocolate brownies paired with vanilla ice cream laced in chocolate syrup, a superb remedy for your sweet cravings.

To heat things up, Bucket O’ Shrimp & More also has a ‘Killer Sauce’ challenge excellent for adventure-seekers out there. They have an extremely spicy sauce that will make you call a priest! The challenge is to finish a bucket of shrimps laced in this killer sauce against the clock. Winners will get a Conqueror’s shirt and their photo placed in the Wall of Fame! Loser, on the other hand, will have to pay the loser’s fee. (Patricia Ysabel D. Tabian, AdMU intern)

The Captain’s Choice, a mix of shrimps, squid, mussels and crabs placed in a bucket