A FORMER village chief in Cagayan de Oro City is being accused of raping his 16-year-old fast food employee.

The girl, whose name cannot be published because she is a minor, narrated in her affidavit she worked at the eatery owned by former Taglimao barangay chairman William Guialani, 65, in Barangay Carmen.

She said last April 19, Guialani asked her to come with him to his house supposedly to get fish that will be sold at the eatery the following day.

“When we got there, he told me to place all the fishes inside a plastic bag. He then went upstairs and asked me to follow as he was going to show me the rooms I was supposed to tidy up,” she said.

As she stood outside Guialani’s room, the man pulled her inside, locked the door and turned off the light.

Guialani then pushed her against the wall and started sexually assaulting her, the girl said.

She said she went back to the eatery and reported the incident to a fellow worker. She also texted her sister who eventually accompanied her to the Carmen Police Station.

Guialani was initially charged with acts of lasciviousness, but last Tuesday, the girl submitted a supplemental affidavit prepared with the help of lawyer Jonathan Pacuribot detailing the sexual assault.

Guialani said he could not have raped the girl, saying he is an old man.