OFFICIALS of Chinese computer maker Lenovo said Thursday the company is aiming to become the number one technology brand in the Philippines in two years.

To get there, Lenovo Philippines general manager Michael Ngan said in a press conference that it will only stick to its “Protect and Attack” strategy of strengthening its personal computer business and tapping the growing yet competitive smartphone market.

Based on the company’s 2015 strategic plan for Southeast Asia, Lenovo will expand its retail presence, build infrastructures and resources and innovate for Filipino consumers.

“We came from nowhere to number two [in the Philippines] today,” said Ngan.

Lenovo is the world’s largest supplier of personal computers with a market share of around 20 percent. It ranks third in the mobile phone business, behind Samsung and Apple, according to technology research firm IDC. (Marie Shane Krizzia Delgado/Roanne Therese Almoniña, UST interns)