LISTENING to Hunter Plake of The Voice belting out "I want to know what love is" appears to be synchronistic with the flying stars governing our main door.

This year, our main door faces the direction for romance and academic pursuits which is the Northeast.

The flying star is apt. Since the start of this year, Byren has enjoyed two honor certificates and recognition in the National Science Awards. Divya's been doing great academically and in extracurricular activities. Me, after years and years, I'm considering the final plot of 'Bobby's Story'.

Bobby is one of the characters in my published Filipino novels that I wrote as Angela Del Mar. He appears in 5 of my books. Isabel left him because of his immaturity, and he's been searching for her ever since.

I'm not sure yet how they find each other again. Something simple like a chance meeting in a cafe somewhere, or something more exotic, probably in the jungles of Chiang Rai. They're both doctors. He's with the UN, she's with Doctors Without Borders.

They could meet on a mission ...

I'm back to reading novels, after years and years too. Since February, I've gone through most of the works of Mcnaught and Garwood, a few by Woodiwiss and Lindsay and discovered Kleypas, Quinn, Maclean.

Cynic that I've become though, I cannot help but compare this generation to those of centuries ago.

In the olden days, there were knights in shining armor battling dragons to win the heart of fair maidens. Or fighting duels, even mounting wars for the sake of love.

I don't know what the dragons are today with technology and social media the way it is. Most everything is instant -- from noodles, to Instagram. Does this generation know what true love is? Do they still fall in love? Not the I like you-you like me-we are now on a relationship instant kind of love but the one that lasts beyond a lifetime.

There doesn't seem to be much effort these days to making grand gestures beyond a public post on Facebook declaring one's devotion or chatting on messenger or sending private sweet text messages. For all one knows, these same messages could be sent to two at a time, or three, or four...

It's so easy to hide affairs if you knew how. I remember this story of a guy who had two girlfriends. He deleted the pics he took with girlfriend A, but wasn't aware of his phone's new features after apple updated its software. Girlfriend B checked his phone, saw the new deleted pics folder, and literally sent the two-timing boyfriend to the hospital.

Hmmm. Who knows, the times--with everything instant, may be today's dragon--the obstacle to true love--these days. The challenge is finding a way to make the other feel loved beyond the superficiality of instant messages. Finding a way to make the other feel cherished beyond words. Finding a way to make the other know, beyond a doubt, they are the one. The twin. The half...

Perhaps that will be my plot. Bobby teaching Isabel that in this day and age, there is still a love that can last beyond lifetimes.

I'll set their story where their cellphones have no signals and there is no access to social media. That way, there will be the opportunity for those grand gestures, the ones that tip the scales and makes the characters fall in love.

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