DENIM is a staple for all seasons. Yes, even when the days are hot and most especially when the nights are cold, it’s an important item everyone should have in his closet. This crisp item of clothing is a must-have as it is essential any time of the day. Denim is not limited to jeans; rather it has broadened to articles of clothing like jackets, vests, shirts and others to name a few. There are a lot of advantages to wearing denim aside from the quality. It’s fashionable and fuss-free—apart from that one can match denim with other prints be it floral or anything artsy. With its stability, denim is here to stay.

On that note, Metro Department Stores indulged their valued shoppers with a denim sale in which customers got a chance to revel in different designs at discounted prices. The participating brands were RRJ, Jag, Lee Cooper, Wrangler, BNY, BUM, Dickies, Hammerhead, Freego, Macbeth, Paddock, Petrol and Pazzo.

With that, a live mannequin show followed and was held at the store last Saturday and Sunday. Models strutted in the department store wearing the latest men and women’s collection from brands like Lee and Jag. It was a fashion forward show as it not only showcased the brands but also gave patrons insights on how to rock the denim look.