Thursday July 19, 2018

Baguio lawmaker seeks compliance to PWD discount

COUNCILOR Arthur Allad-iw is calling establishments and public utility vehicles (PUV) in Baguio City to comply with the city ordinance and national law giving discounts to persons with disabilities (PWD).

Allad-iw said the city has an ordinance requiring 20 percent discount and exemption from payment of the value added tax (VAT). This is in connection with Republic Act 7277, to be displayed in inside public utility vehicles (PUB), public and private medical/dental facilities, drug stores, hotels, restaurants, theaters and other covered service and business establishments and providing penalties for violations.

Allad-iw said the notice must be printed in a long bond paper or in a tarpaulin with a font of 20. The notice in establishments and PUVs must be posted in areas which can be read easily costumers and by all passengers.

“Through said legislation, we are supporting the persons with disabilities in the city and this is part of what we are doing for PWDs welfare,” Allad-iw said.

Allad-iw added there are about 1,300 PWDs in the city recorded with the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO).

The PWDs who want to avail the discounts may present their identification (ID) to the PUV or to any establishments.

“Since the registration in CSWDO is voluntary, we encourage others to avail of the ID to avail the discounts. We want also to have profiling with all the PWDs in the city in partnership with the Barangay units,” Allad-iw said.

Allad-iw added there must be also considerations to PWDs and they must not be discriminated when asserting their rights.

A reprimand awaits PUVs or establishments violating the ordinance for the first offense while for the second offense, a fine of P3, 000 and confiscation of vehicle plate or business permit. The third offense would be with of fine of P5,000 and confiscation of vehicle plate or business permit.

The Permits and Licensing Division and the PDAO under the Office of the City Mayor and the Baguio City Police Office-Traffic Division or any task force, entity or authority commissioned to check on business and traffic related issue are tasked to monitor and ensure the implementation of the ordinance.