The powerful choleric

EVERY person is born unique and special. People are born with certain traits, characteristics and temperaments.

There are many personality theorists who have studied what kind of people we are. One of the oldest personality type is the four temperaments. This was conceived during the Graeco-Arabic period where they identified personalities when treating illnesses.

This ancient concept is about humorism. Humor refers to the bodily fluids that are present in our bodies. It is said that each person have different proportions of these fluids and one can be more dominant than the other. This defines our temperaments.

Here are the four temperaments and their predominant humors:

u2022 Sanguine – blood

• Phlegmatic – phlegm

• Choleric – yellow bile

• Melancholic – black bile

Although it is said that one humor is more dominant than the other, it is possible that we can be a combination of more than two temperaments.

Today, it has mixed reviews. Many people believe that the characteristics are still true today but there are a few who says no. Some of the descriptions are similar to other personality theories with another.

One needs to answer the personality profile to identify his own temperaments. Many recognize themselves in these temperaments including me.

The four temperaments are:

u2022 Powerful Choleric

• Popular Sanguine

• Perfect Melancholic

• Peaceful Phlegmatic

I will share each temperament at a time.

The powerful choleric is the doer, an extrovert, a natural leader and an optimist. He is proud and tends to be in control of situations. He wants to be the one on top, to be the best.

Being on top, doesn’t mean, the highest position at work, but in his daily interactions with other people.

They have a commanding and sometimes manipulative ways of dealing with other people. They have a high level of confidence. They hate to lose. They love to compete. They speak their mind.

Here are some emotions of a powerful choleric:

u2022 born leader

• dynamic and active

• compulsive need for change

• must correct wrongs

• strong willed and decisive

• unemotional

• not easily discouraged

• independent and self-sufficient

• exudes confidence

• can run anything

At work:

u2022 goal-oriented

• sees the whole picture

• organizes well

• seeks practical solutions

• moves quickly to action

• delegates work

• insists on production

• makes the goal

• stimulates activity

• thrives on opposition

As a friend:

u2022 has little need for friends

• will work for group activity

• will lead and organize

• is usually right

• excels in emergencies

rDo you see yourself as a powerful choleric? Stay tuned for the next temperaments.


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