A DAY after the United States (US) government expressed concern over the increasing incidents of extrajudicial killings in the country, the Philippine National Police (PNP) reiterated Friday its commitment to investigate and resolve all crime incidents.

"The PNP is committed in investigating all crimes until the suspects are arrested and made to answer before the courts," PNP spokesperson Chief Superintendent Dionardo Carlos said.

Carlos made the statement after the US government aired its concern on the increasing number of extrajudicial killings in the country due to the government's deadly war on drugs.

Last Thursday, the US government said it is "troubled" by the growing number of extrajudicial killings in the country, as it urged the Duterte administration to stick to its commitment to investigate on the said cases.

Patrick Murphy, the US deputy assistant secretary of state for Southeast Asia, said the Americans support Manila's objective of eliminating the scourge of illicit drugs and wanted to help but they are concerned over the reported abuse of the elements on the drug war that are operating outside the rule of law.

"We are urging the Philippines to follow up on its commitment to investigate extrajudicial killings whether they are committed by law enforcement, or of a vigilante nature," he said.

The US government cited that nearly 9,000 persons allegedly involved in the illegal drugs operations were killed since the administration took office on July 1 including those who were killed in legitimate police operations which is over 2,600 persons.

PNP chief Ronald Dela Rosa earlier denied that there were over 7,000 cases of extrajudicial killings in the country in connection with the war on drugs, citing official records from July 1, 2016 to March 26, 2017.

During the eight-month period, the PNP Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management said there were 6,011 homicide cases in which 1,398 cases (23.2 percent) were drug related, 828 cases (13.8 percent) were non-drug related, while the rest is still under investigation.

Dela Rosa had denounced the use of the term "extrajudicial killings" and maintained that it was homicide.

Carlos said of the 6,011 homicide cases, 804 suspects were identified and arrested and 594 suspects were identified but remains at large.

He said the PNP will continuously seek justice for the victims in the said cases. (SunStar Philippines)