BONTOC, Mt. Province – In a bid to make Mt. Province's Lang-ay Festival as one of the crowd drawer in Cordillera region, several suggestions were made during the post assessment meeting of the stakeholders.

Aside from the suggestions, common commendations were heaped to the organizers of the events and activities, particularly the Lang-ay Festival Organization headed by Paulino Tumapang Jr., for the success of the provincial festival.

Suggestions were made to make next year’s succeeding events better. However, even as the suggestions were noted, it was agreed upon that the proposed innovations would be brought up again during the planning later this year.

The commemoration of the Foundation Anniversary was also cited as successful with the acknowledgement and honoring of the past officials, governor and congressmen for the last 50 years and the first set of provincial officials.

Philippine National Police chief General Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa who served as Guest of Honor and Speaker during the occasion was adopted and given the native name “Moling”, which means literally a hard rock.

During the civic parade prior to the main program, the municipalities portrayed significant developments that transpired in the respective municipalities within the last 50 years.

A golden baby born closes to the midnight of April 6, 2017 was also recognized and with monetary award.

Regarded as a crowd drawer, the Lang-ay Festival featured the street dancers and cultural performers of the various tribes and municipalities of the province with the exception of Natonin and Paracelis that opted not to participate this year due to the unfortunate incident involving the killing of a former police chief of the town.

Observers say this year’s edition of the Lang-ay Festival indicates the glamour of the provincial fest is coming back comparable to the earlier versions in terms of audience and spectators, foreign and local tourists who were visibly seen around.

But the Lang-ay by the Street was observed to be also the well-attended event when the spirit of Lang-ay was demonstrated with the free serving of indigenous foods and drinks in the main street in front of the public market.

The big patopat, not the biggest as the organizers say that next year and after that will feature the biggest one, was partook of it by those who waited for the rain to stop. Women elders of Fuyayeng and Omfeg prepared the main feature of the event.

Sinab-ang, cooked of sticky rice and camote, was also a delight for many who have opted to recall the taste of the old delicacy. This was the handiwork of the women of Chaleya Organization.

Lang-ay wine and other local fruit wines were served by the “Panagbenga Hotties” who added flavor to the festivities.

The Gangsa night culminated the year’s festival edition with locals and tourists, domestic and foreign, seen dancing the night away as the municipal performers played the gongs and traditional dances with gusto to the delight and merriment of all.

Awards were also given during the night to the winners of the Street dancing, Cultural Presentations, and the Indigenous games, etc.

Tumapang expressed his appreciation to the various personalities, groups and offices, including the working committees, who greatly contributed to the success of the twin events.

“I thank our sponsors who have contributed much to the realization of the events, especially the Lang-ay By the Street,” Tumapang said. (Roger Sacyaten)