CEBU City Mayor Tomas Osmeña said he is willing to give a P100,000 reward to the habal-habal (motorcycle-for-hire) driver who tipped off police that led to the death of Joselito Melloria and three other members of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) in Barangay Bacani, Clarin, Bohol last Saturday.

But only on the condition that the local government unit concerned won’t do so.

Funding source

The mayor said the amount can be taken from his intelligence fund this year.

“I want to give something to the habal-habal driver. I’m even willing to give something personal. This is exactly the kind of encouragement we would like to give our population,” he told reporters.

Osmeña said he is encouraging residents to report any suspicious activities and persons, including those who speak other Filipino languages or those who are new and unfamiliar to the neighborhood.

Earlier offers

“I want to encourage the population that if there is something suspicious, report it, just don’t put it on Facebook because everybody will panic. This is for Cebu City residents to report abnormal activities,” he said.

Earlier, the mayor also announced that he would extend cash assistance of P500,000 to the families of a police officer and three soldiers who died in the first clash between government troops and ASG members in Inabanga, Bohol two weeks ago.

He also announced that he would give P100,000 to anyone who could provide information that would lead to the capture of those who have kidnapping plans in the city.