THE Provincial Government of Pampanga is making drug surrenderers useful. This is the latest innovation that the Capitol is doing for the complete reformation of former drug users and pushers who have returned to the fold of the law.

While some provinces in the country have their rehabilitation centers, Pampanga has its rehabilitation center and a reformation center as well. Further, it has its comprehensive reformatory programs for drug surrenderers.

In addition to the programs that benefits around 2,350 drug surrenderers in Pampanga, a short employment program that is a part and parcel of the rehabilitation efforts shall be given to them by the Provincial Government.

Acting Governor Dennis Pineda has recently ordered chiefs of police in the province to do their share in the improvement of the lives of the surrenderers and help their way into the mainstream society. This is a great show of support of the province to President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs.

Capitol’s programs for drug surrenderers are laudable. They pave the way for the total reformation of former drug personalities towards living clean and decent lives. They not only help the reformists do away with their illegal vices but also make them useful in the society.

The said programs are helping surrenderers mend their ways and rehabilitate them towards drug-free lives.

Pampanga’s anti-drug campaign “Dalan ning Pamagbayu” (Road to Change) is a comprehensive way to assist drug surrenderers in various ways such as the provision of sports activities, psycho-social counseling, rehabilitation treatment, support to village-level reformatory centers and mobilization of volunteers.

Indeed the “Dalan” (Road) is making a way for the change in the lives of people who have had their lives involved in illegal drugs.

Implementing programs for drug surrenderers is a far more subtle way of giving them the proper treatment. It’s not harsh as some people believe that deaths resulting from the illegal drugs operations in other places is a form of extra-judicial persecution of some suspected personalities.

The recent employment program for reformists in the province is a much better way to make some people who were misguided and lost in their lives useful. When they feel they are useful, they shall have their morals and self-esteem boosted.

When drug surrenderers are kept busy with worthy endeavors, they tend to forget their former illegal activities and eventually will lose their appetite for illegal drugs.


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