"I've got a lot of friends. We'll have a rotating First Lady."

-- Sen. Lindsey Graham, who'd be the first bachelor U.S. president in more than 130 years if elected in 2016 elections

THE sitting Philippine president was unmarried when he assumed office in 2010 and will probably stay as bachelor when he steps down next year.

Marriage wasn't "a priority" to Noynoy Aquino who didn't share the nation's hope there will be a wedding in Malacañang during his six-year term.

His girl friends, 18 of them according to one count, realized soon enough that not one of them would ever be First Lady (FL).

Korina Sanchez, one of four broadcasters linked to PNoy, dumped, or was dumped by, PNoy a long time ago and married Mar Roxas, a would-be president. The woman could be an FL yet. But to those who'd like to see PNoy married before June 30, 2016, no way wedding bells would peal at the Palace during his watch.

PNoy has compared his sexual liaisons to Coke: Coke Regular, then Coke Light, finally Coke Zero. Which could've drawn a quip from rival brands Pepsi or Seven-Up: maybe PNoy picked the wrong soda. Whatever, no nuptials and no Mrs. Aquino.

The issue hasn't bothered PNoy from the start. He was fussy about where he'd live and his security detail but not about an FL.

Had PNoy given it some thought, he could've come up with the plan of U.S. presidential wannabe Lindsey Graham who said he'd rotate the FL job among his women friends and his sister.

Not Kris

That would've fitted snugly into PNoy's situation. PNoy has had those revolving-door girl friends and he has four sisters (imagine Kris hosting presidential parties).

Graham can learn a thing or two from PNoy about running a country without a wife. But first, the senator has to beat his Republican rivals and trounce Democrat Hillary Clinton, a former First Lady and a tough cookie.