STREET children along Gen. Maxilom Avenue, formerly Mango Ave., will deal with more cops guarding the area at night and dawn, especially on weekends.

A security officer of Mango Square earlier talked to Police Station 2 officer-in-charge David Señor and Cebu City Police Office officer-in-charge Marciano Batiancela Jr. about security concerns in the area.

Since last Wednesday, four operatives have been deployed in the avenue between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. and another batch of four from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.

The policemen will be patrolling the different spots surrounding Mango Square, Señor said.

Only two policemen used to man the area.

On Fridays and Saturdays, the city's Mobile Patrol Group will also field men in the avenue so that at least 10 operatives will patrol the area.


"Daghan na diha ang mga bata gihapon kuno nga mangayo sa mga foreigner unya mangawat diay to (There are many children there who would beg for alms but are actually robbers),” said Señor.

According to the Mango Square security office, street children flock the area late afternoon.

Many foreigners have fallen victims to children-thieves but would not report the crimes to the police.

Aside from the weekends, Señor said they will also heighten the security of the area on pay days.

The Mango Square on Gen. Maxilom Ave. houses clubs, restaurants and other recreational establishments that many foreigners patronize.

Señor said this is the reason many children target the area.


Police visibility scares off street dwellers with bad intention.

"Especially the children, they go around when they don't see uniformed cops in the area,” Señor also said.

Children caught loitering at night may be rescued.

Señor has been coordinating with the Cebu City Sports Commission and the Department of Social Welfare and Services for a surprise rescue operation and a free sports training program for street children.