A NURSING student was taken hostage by a construction worker on N. Bacalso Ave. in Cebu City yesterday morning.

Nieze Niezyl Abarca, 22, had several cuts in the neck made by a shard of glass that Peniel Villacampa, 35, held to her neck.

Villacampa was also wounded in the head when some bystanders mauled him.

Abarca said she and her classmate were waiting for a jeepney across Salazar Colleges of Science and Institute of Technology (SCSIT) when Villacampa approached and held a piece of glass to her neck.

Villacampa told her to hail a taxi.

Abarca and her classmate had just enrolled at the school and were about to go to Colon St.


Villacampa denied the allegation that he wanted to steal Abarca’s bag. He said he just wanted to go home to Bacolod, Negros Oriental but did not have money.

SPO4 Jelson Solibio of Punta Princesa Police Station said that Villacampa will face a criminal complaint for robbery even though the constructed worker did not take anything from Abarca,

Klaro kaayo, naa gyod siya'y intention nga kuhaon ang bag sa biktima, kung dili makaya sa dalan kay daghang tawo, basin didto na sa taxi (It was clear that he intended to get the bag but the was prevented from doing so. Maybe he was planning to do it inside the taxi),” Solibio said.

Abarca said she will file a separate case against Villacampa.


Villacampa said in a separate interview that he needed money to go home to Negros Occidental. He said that he spent all his salary as construction worker when he took the wrong bus last Saturday.

Villacampa denied that he was drunk or high on drugs when he threatened Abarca. He said he was just hungry.

Bystanders who saw the incident informed Solibio and three police officers bout the hostage-taking. When bystanders learned that Villacampa no longer had his gun, they attacked him.

Solibio said that he and his colleagues fought their way into the crowd around Villacampa. When the police got to him finally, Villacampa already had cuts and bruises.

Solibio was also wounded in the hand while trying to control the crowd. He said that he pointed a gun at Villcampa and threatened to shoot if the latter did not drop the piece of glass.