FOOD lovers in the city who adore and prefer American cuisine have several diners and restos to go to these days as the city is now swamped with places that serve a lot of our all-time American food favorites like the Buffalo wings, burgers, sausages and of course, ribs!

"It started with the idea of putting something expensive and pricey [from] restaurants [and offering it] to the middle class,” developer Alex Jegonia shared during the opening of Capt. Richie’s J.R. Borja branch last May 28.

He wanted for Cagayan de Oro to experience sophisticated gourmet foods at a less expensive amount. "People are so fixated with liempo and lechon manok. So I decided ‘why not put a baby back ribs stall? To my surprise, people liked it!"

Capt. Richie's Baby Back Ribs started in 2013, with a small rib shack in Tomas Saco. They were the first in the city to come up with specialized ribs, creating patrons everywhere they go. As people wanted more and more of their great food, they opened more branches at The Big Tree Arcade in Kauswagan Highway, along Masterson Ave., and now, in J.R. Borja Extension.

Wrapped with a simple and playful vibe, Capt. Richie’s Baby Back Ribs is definitely a go-to place for a laid-back feast. Relaxation and comfort are immediately encountered once inside the diner. Alex wanted a non-intimidating place especially since they want their customers to feel at home.

With the red paint, wooden benches and stoned wall, you become at ease once you enter Capt. Richie’s, and feel like being in a log cabin, which is a part of the American heritage. Alex wants his customers to feel like being in a rest house that gives off good vibes and intimacy all the way.

Despite serving an American cuisine, Alex still infused the Filipino’s taste in their sauce. After it went through a lot of phases, they finally achieved an American-Filipino taste.

Their Rib Slab has different flavors: the original, barbecue, hot and spicy, chili garlic, and garlic. Whichever flavor you have it, it will make you realize that Capt. Richie’s will be your favorite, serving only the finest quality. It is marinated well, giving it a full flavor once in the grill. Alex made sure that every meal will leave you with a full stomach by cutting their ribs in a way where you’ll get more meat than bone. One bite of their succulent ribs, with the sauce seeping in the meat, will make you cry out for more.

Capt. Richie’s Baby Back Ribs offers other dishes that are considered as American meals. They have the Golden Wingman, marinated buffalo wings glazed with either a spicy or non-spicy sauce, with a side of fries, and the MacArthur’s Raft, a pure beef patty burger with oozing melted cheese on top.

Capt. Richie’s Baby Back Ribs still continues to surprise us with great food at affordable prices. Alex’s approach now is bigger due to the increasing number of competition in the city. He shared to us that they will soon offer something that is not yet served in the city and only three restaurants do it Manila.

To share or just for yourself, Capt. Richie’s will serve it to you.

It once was a simple rib shack famous for its own recipe of baby back ribs, but now it has evolved to so much more, with investors queuing up for franchising. (Patricia Ysabel D. Tabian/AdMU Intern)