PRESIDENTIAL Asst. for the Visayas Michael Lloyd Dino accuses Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña of “creating further division” between workers and employers, “inciting a social class war,” which Dino says is “very dangerous” and “as bad as terrorism, or even worse.”

Does Tomas call Dino a terrorist? Not outright, not directly. Dino merely compares Tomas’s alleged act of promoting a “social class war” to terrorism. Not the same as calling him a terrorist.

Dino previously tagged Tomas as “a bully” and “anti-poor.” The first, for allegedly going after business that Mayor Tomas alleges is cheating the City in millions of pesos in taxes. The second, for such moves as opposing the end to contractual employment, which Tomas says is not doable. Instead, Tomas said, government can help factories and export zones by exempting them from labor laws. (Can’t stop endo, so lift more labor laws that protect workers?)

‘Grenades’ lobbed

Mayor Tomas and P.A. Michael Lloyd lobbed “grenades”: Yesterday, from his Facebook foxhole, the mayor said Dino paid millions of pesos in labor lawsuits -- “who’s terrorizing who?” Tomas asked. The other day Dino said a “mafia of labor arbiters and lawyers” in “a syndicated labor arbitration.”

Dino in a news story alleged he “experienced that before,” saying he hopes it won’t happen to others. Is that the “more than P20 million damages” Dino allegedly paid and Tomas wrote about? Dino was victimized by the “syndicate”?

Tomas implied that Dino is the terrorist because of the businessman’s labor cases. Dino retorted, “If you have a labor case, it does not mean you are a labor oppressor,” adding, “only that the mafia is out to blackmail the company.”