MAYOR Andrew Montelibano of Murcia suggested Thursday that Vice Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson and Fourh District Representative Jeffrey Ferrer should sit down and arrange things to avoid possible political showdown in 2016 for the vice gubernatorial post.

He also called on the top officials of the United Negros Alliance (UNA) and Love Negros to work out the merger for the betterment of Negros.

UNA is chaired by Governor Alfredo Marañon Jr., an ally of Ferrer.

“I strongly believe that the merger is still alive and I believe that the two groups could come up a win-win solution. Everybody is exerting efforts to avoid political clash," the mayor said.

Montelibano said that without the merger, city and municipal mayors like him will be caught in a crossfire because they are just good soldiers to their respective political parties.

He made the statement as he confirmed that he is not running for governor against Marañon and instead he would seek re-election in Murcia in 2016 to finish his term.

“My relationship with the governor is so tight given the fact that the Montelibanos and the Marañons used to be political buddies. This would be the last term of Governor Marañon, give it to the guy," the mayor pointed out.

He also said that at this point, Love Negros, where he belongs, has not yet given any go-signal as far as local politics is concerned.

Montelibano added that he will abide by whatever decision their group will arrive and that he will remain loyal to what Third District Rep. Alfredo Benitez will come up for him and the Love Negros.

The group has given UNA until this month to decide on the merger, but UNA members have been saying they will field the Marañon-Ferrer tandem for governor and vice governor in 2016.(TDE)