KNOW what people want. Know what you got. Know what you need. Know what you can do without. That is inventory control. This system is used in the warehouses of big business establishments engaged in merchandizing and trading.

We can adopt the same inventory system in our day-to-day lives. First, what do people want or expect from us? They want us to observe the golden rule: “Do unto others what you would want others do unto you.” People want us to be eco-friendly. People want us to be united so we can have peace in the world. People want us to be kind and generous. People want us to solve society’s ills. Wants that are feasible and realistic… no problem.

Second, what we have in excess in terms of what others do not have, we must share. What we got must have been acquired through hard work and legal means. What we have must be useful. What we got must be more than guts. What we have must be something we need.

This brings me to the third part of the inventory. We need to prioritize aspects of our lives that would directly affect us and our loved ones. We need to understand that money must be taken at face value because to think that money is everything, is dangerous. We need to get involved in the community so we can grow with it. We need to organize our closet and discard what we have not worn for a year. There are people who may need it. We need to fill the two empty bottles of infants before they die from extreme malnutrition. We need to constantly connect with our God.

We need to constantly discover ourselves in relation to people we interact with. We need to know how to better deal with crisis and critical situations in our lives. We need to grow in mind, body and spirit. We need to cope and adapt with the changing times.

What can we do without? We can do without having to compare ourselves with others. We can do without all the riches in the world. We can live without having to say “I’m sorry” to anybody we have hurt for being frank and honest and wanting to right a wrongdoing. We can live without fair-weather friends. We can live without impertinent in-laws. We can live without debts by not spending more than what we earn.

Inventory can be done either on a monthly or annual basis and continues until we have gone full circle.