GONE are the frenzied days of frolicking by the beach or the random, lazy afternoon trips to the mountains. Sporadic rains foist the official end of summer.

Regardless, the world is always inviting for adventures. There are always maps to follow, beaches to comb, paths to trek, delicacies to devour, islands to conquer. Seasons may change, but travel is for always.

This month, Kapatid Network TV5 triggers wanderlust with an all-new show dubbed Tara Na, Suroy Ta! Revolving around the intents to inform, educate and showcase, the program aims to feature the charm of the Visayas region as an ideal tourism realm. The title itself suggests travel as the main focus. Coverage involves leisure, places, food and rarities. It is also a goal to engage the locals to take part in the interaction. Also included in the lineup of features are events, product launching and updates on the latest trends and deals.

The young dynamic team behind the scene led by director Cris Rama Damo and script writer Glaiza Murillo assures high quality outputs on footage, videos and documentation to bring out the best of every destination. Hosted by Cordova, Cebu Vice Mayor Teche Sitoy Cho and celebrities Benjoe Leoncio and Gino Galicia, Tara Na, Suroy Ta! will start airing on June 21 with Cordova (the place, its appeal and people) as the first subject. At a press conference at Parklane International Hotel, Cho mentioned that the pilot episode will highlight, among others, the municipality’s marine sanctuary, Cordova’s source of its P420,000 monthly net income. Cho was with the tourism sector before.

Tara Na, Suroy Ta! caters to markets A to D, targeting the growing population of young people and young professionals. Season 1 will carry 13 episodes delivered in Bisaya and English. While availability is limited in the Visayas for now, the show is slated for a national telecast soon. Traveling outside the country was also hinted as a possibility.

Tara Na, Suroy Ta! goes beyond travel every Sunday from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. on TV5. For wider demographics and air time advantage, the slot is deemed an opportunity to capture audiences between two TV5 shows on entrepreneurship and agriculture.