COFFEE! It’s one of the most craved drinks there is to the point that some have developed a relationship with it. Well, why shouldn’t they? It perks one up, gets a person energized and it’s loaded with health benefits among others but honestly, apart from its delightful aroma—it’s just too good to pass up.

Some take it cold, black or load up on the cream and sugar while others add more flavor to it, like a hint of nutmeg or cinnamon. Overall, there are plenty of ways to enjoy coffee as there are varieties of coffee to taste or to discover from various parts of the world.

Coffee lovers, baristas as well as those who have yet to explore the caffeine world had the privilege to delve into those different kinds during a public cupping and coffee 101 session. Yolk Coffee & Breakfast together with their friends from the Dutch Colony namely Suhaimie Sukiman and Aminur Rashyd, held a two-day coffee appreciation get-together last May. During the session, each batch of participants was given the chance to try seven kinds of coffee beans and one mystery coffee bean, all of which originated from Africa and Latin American countries. Each had different yet distinct notes of flavor. Some had certain hints of fruit, nuts or chocolate.

So with bowls containing grinded coffee beans and cupping spoons, which was the quickest way to taste different kinds of coffee in the shortest amount of time, each person took turns smelling and tasting each type, pointed out which among the seven were their favorites and why.

It was clear during the session that each had his preference. But one thing is for certain, when it comes to coffee, who could say no to it?