Saturday July 21, 2018

Pacete: Molesting the students

I WAS invited by a group of teachers and principals to attend their regular conference on administrative and classroom policies. I was a bit uncomfortable because I have already partly detached my “persona” from being a teacher. The topic was on child molestation in school.

One retired principal emphatically stressed that many of our pupils and students are sexually abused by their teachers. Two teachers from a public school made specific example about the two female students who stayed in the house of a male teacher. This allegation was a local media favorite in the past weeks. It was further alleged that these two girls shared a bed with sir. I don’t want to speculate on the triple sharing mystery. Let’s leave it to Nancy Drew to discover.

Teachers should always be guided by the “Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers.” We always say that teaching is the noblest of all professions. A teacher is always expected to be honorable in thoughts, words and actions. The teachers are the second parents of the pupils and the students in school. A child of school age stays in school at least eight hours a day.

The words of the teachers inside the classroom are laws. Teachers (good teachers only) are venerated by their class like living saints. I know that because I was once a classroom teacher. I shared joys and sorrows with my students… laughter, tears, challenges, varied tasks, and even personal problems. Well, teachers are also human beings with several desires (but this could be tempered).

The group has chronicled many shocking and sucking events that could not just be set aside. Many of our pupils have been victims of their teachers (lesbian and gays included). We would like to admire the parents who personally know the teachers of their children. Several abuses could be prevented if during the homeroom meetings parents would take a fiery stand on this and remind teachers to cooperate and monitor student activities.

The principal and the department heads have bigger roles to play. Remind your teachers that they could be suspended or even go to jail if they do monkey business with their pupils and students. There are activities in the school that would create an opportunity for the teachers and the students to be near each other. A male volleyball coach would always have the admiration of his girls. Sir may have an eye on one beautiful spike player.

Sir may give personal attention to the beautiful spike girl and it may start with overhand pass but will ultimately end in serving rotation. This coach and pupil method may get a score. Another sir could be a theater guild adviser. Acting would require many positions and your daughter could have a role in one of those difficult positions.

A gay teacher may instruct your good boy to stay at the laboratory for a special experiment after the class and that intelligent boy will be requested to identify the parts of the body and one part there is very important. A lesbian faculty member may require an outreach program in a coastal community. Ma’am wants your beautiful daughter to provide her an umbrella. That umbrella tour may end up under the mangrove canopy.

There are even “sirs” who are married (with children) already but they still hunt for virgin deer. Parents and school administrators should work together to secure the children in the school. In some instances the victims prefer not to tell their parents or the principal. They are promised to be given additional allowance or will be provided a kind of scholarship incentive after their senior high school.

Our children could always be tempted with offers like these especially if the parents are perceived to have a hard time sending their children to college. Willing victims are ready to become slaves. Victim-children who informed the parents may also end up in trauma. There are parents who bring the case in court but there are instances that the tormenting teacher would end up paying a big amount (from GSIS loan) to settle his shameful act.

I am (at least) happy to know that there are concerned school administrators, teachers, and parents who are pulling their acts together for the welfare of the children. This could happen (happening already) in public schools. We have many alleged cases also in private schools. My good student friend in high school ended up marrying our lady teacher. That could be another story.

We believe that we have more good teachers. Good teachers will help us to outdo the evil ones. Let us cultivate the good things in our teachers to counteract child molestation. Keep up the good work good teachers!