I DON'T know what's in the mind of this “has-been politician.” He is harassing Cebu City Hall officials and department heads through administrative complaints and some of these are baseless. Why doesn't he just file criminal and administrative charges against Mayor Mike Rama rather than run after department heads that are just performing their duties and responsibilities?

Maybe he just wants to get public attention to boost his political stock because if nobody talks about him he might be forgotten. In Tagalog, nagpapansin lang dahil kulang sa pansin (KSP). But think some of his moves may work.

Through his lawyer ally, Osmeña filed administrative charges against Mayor Mike Rama and Vice Mayor Edgardo Labella and some members of the city council for releasing calamity assistance to City Hall officials and employees. He only ran after Rama and Labella and spared his allies in the city council. The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) is conducting hearings on this case.

Then he filed a string of administrative cases against City Treasurer Diwa Cuevas before the Department of Finance and the Civil Service Commission (CSC). When I wrote about it, he sued me for libel. It prospered and a warrant of arrest was issued against me. I posted bail.

The other day, Osmeña filed an administrative case against City Legal Office head Jerone Castillo before the CSC. He wants Castillo fired and barred from holding public office for life. He asserted that Castillo is not qualified to become city attorney because he is not a resident of Cebu City and is not a registered voter. Castillo's appointment did not have concurrence by the city council.

But Castillo refuted the allegation. He can show proof, he said, that he is a resident of Cebu City and is a registered voter there. His appointment also had the concurrence of the council. It was even Councilor Bebs Andales, an ally of the complainant, who sponsored his “confirmation.”

Castillo is now toying with the idea of filing a counter-charge of perjury against the “has-been politician” because his complaint was made under oath. Aw, mas maayo para makabawos pud siya.

Osmeña’s next target is Probe chief Racquel Arce, whom he accused of committing “abuses and injustice” during the demolition of structures along F. Ramos extension. Wow, he is now projecting himself as champion of the masses.

In fairness to Arce, the affected residents were warned about the plan and some of them were already given disturbance fee. They still insisted on staying. But granting that the rights of the residents were violated, they should be the ones to sue Arce's group. Why is the “has-been politician taking the cudgels for them? Because the election is approaching?

We should not be misled by the behavior of this person. He does not know the meaning of compassion and humility. Because his mind is idle, he is just looking for ways for people to talk about him. As they say, an idle mind is the devil's playground. So who is his next target?


Last Thursday, I voluntarily submitted myself to the court after a warrant of arrest was issued against me for the case of libel filed by the “has-been politician.” RTC Branch 5 Presiding Judge Ricky Jones Macabaya signed the arrest warrant. Insp. Delfin Bontuyan of CIDG 7 served the warrant at the GMA 7 broadcast complex.

Bontuyan arrived at around 9:30 a.m. and I asked him to allow me to finish my radio program. He granted my request. I rode with him directly to the Quimonda Building where the courts are located. I even joked that Delfin should handcuff me.

At the court, my legal counsels Joan Baron and Barbara Anne Ocaba of the JP Garcia and Associates law office were already there processing some documents for my release. Sun.Star management posted the bail of P10,000. After signing some documents, I was issued a release order.

Cebu Media Legal Aid (Cemla) members and fellow Sun.Star Cebu columnists Eddie Barrita and Eli Espinoza accompanied me. Some of my personal friends, like Dr. Jay Ruiz; Patupat, Barili Barangay Captain Julie Flores; Fr. Mark Barneso and some of my DYSS news staff headed by Kit Matus-Cortes also extended their moral support.

Rest assured that this case will not prevent me from pursuing my profession with the same intensity, passion and dedication. Way kausaban. (bobby.nalzaro@yahoo.com)