HOW much exactly did the habal-habal driver receive for leading government troops to the Abu Sayyaf hiding place in Clarin, Bohol?

A document allegedly handwritten by the tipster and circulated in social media said that he only received P450,000 instead of the P4 million promised after the death of four ASG members in the Clarin clash.

“The money promised by our president was intended only for Joselito Melloria, the local guide, and not for the three other Abu Sayyaf members because the army explained that they were subdued based on military intelligence and not through a civilian tip,” Bohol Gov. Edgar Chatto said.

Chatto discouraged the public against sowing confusion and misinformation and instead help in tracking down the last two suspected members of the ASG.

“They’re not helping the government with what they’re doing. They should protect the identities of the informants instead of revealing them because it will not be only terror groups who’ll be running after them,” Chatto said.

It was not only the habal-habal driver who tipped the military but it was a team effort with a few other civilians, Chatto said.

The local government of Bohol are waiting for the report from the military for the reward to be given to another informant for the capture of Saad Samad Kiram, the ASG pump boat operator, in Tubigon last Thursday.

A source who asked not to be named said that the habal-habal driver is scared for his life after residents in his town thought he’s already a millionaire when he only received P450,000.

Major Gen. Oscar Lactao, commander of the Philippine Army-Central Command, handed the cash to the tipster but it was sealed. Lactao said the amount and the number of recipients are “classified information.”

Media was also barred from covering the turnover.

In his visit to Bohol, President Rodrigo Duterte promised a P1-million bounty for each Abu Sayyaf member found or killed on top of the P100,000 that the local government of Bohol would give.