PT: Social Security System pensioners reminded of Annual Confirmation of Pensioners compliance

SOCIAL Security System pensioners have been advised to adhered to the Annual Confirmation of Pensioners (Acop) policy to ensure continuous payment of pensions.

Napoleon Rabanal II, SSS Western Mindanao senior communication analyst, said the non-compliance of ACOP is the main reason why there are times the SSS is suspending the release of the pension to its pensioners.

The Acop is a measure the SSS has adopted to ensure that its pensioners or a particular pensioner is still alive and is the one receiving the pension.

Rabanal said with the measure in place the pensioners are required to visit the SSS office once a year to fill up the Acop form to ensure they are still living and continue to receive the pension due them.

Meanwhile, a total of 200 pensioners attended the SSS Pensioners Day, a thanksgiving and a get together activity in the city.

The event is being held simultaneously nationwide by the SSS.

The pensioners were afforded free medical check-up during the Pensioners Day.