Monday July 16, 2018

Lemlunay delights

LEMLUNAY has different meanings in the T'boli dialect, our host Paul Patridge said, but he prefers its one meaning: Paradise.

Lemlunay Resort in Maasim, Sarangani Province is among Sarangani's most visited. We could observe that from the steady inflow of guests throughout the long Labor Day Weekend. They arrive in big groups at that.

We were there for what Lemlunay prides itself most: Sarangani's dive spots. But of course, before anything else, we got to try their food.

The attention-grabber was their garlic chicken. You will not have any doubt that it's garlic chicken, what with the pile of garlic on top of the chicken. Don't worry, they did something with the garlic, you won't be turning off anyone even if you gobble them all. No garlic breath, just sumptuous chicken.

The oxtail kare-kare was another favorite, with oxtail cooked to slip off the bone melt in your mouth tenderness. Another winner.

There's the poke (po-keh), the Hawaiian version of kinilaw. It's okay, except that I don't think my tastebuds like sweetness in raw tuna... my tastebuds were demanding kalamansi and sili to smother the life out of the raw tuna slices.

The Buffalo wings are finger-licking good, too. My favorite, however, remains to be the steamed pompano.

With my companions not inclined to nibble on the fish head, I got two!

Over-all, I like the food. They're done well and fresh. I guess, that was the secret to it all... the freshness. Nothing can beat that.

Breakfast are your regular fare of hotdog, sausage, tapa, bacon, corned beef with egg and rice, but we liked the idea that you can ask them to split two orders into equal parts.

Thus, my roommate Arabelle and I copied what the father-son team of Iggy and Oleg did: Order one Hungarian sausage with egg and rice and one bacon with egg and rice and asked the kitchen to split the order into two, thus one plate gets half of the sausage and bacon order. Nice!

If you're heading Sarangani way, drop by Lemlunay. It makes the travel a lot more memorable. They can be contacted through email, landline (83) 228-1704, or mobile +639177203804 and +639399159663.