SAN SIMON – A former drug surrenderer of this town was killed in a police operation conducted in Barangay San Jose here after refusing to be flagged down in a checkpoint.

According to Police Officer 2 Jane Genobili, their station was notified by a concerned citizen that an unidentified man onboard a red motorcycle was roaming the streets of San Jose village while carrying a pistol.

The report was verified after local authorities saw a personality identified as Norman David, 48, with a firearm tucked in his waist.

Implementing officers then tried to flag down the suspect for inspection but the latter refused and sped away.

A short chase ensued until David was cornered inside his house where he initiated a gunfight.

David, who sustained gunshot wounds in different parts of his body, was then rushed to the Pampanga Premier Medical Center but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Upon investigation at the crime scene, authorities found a caliber .45 Colt Pistol, an improvise shot gun (sumpak) and three pieces small heat sealed plastic sachets containing suspected methamphetamine hydrochloride and different kinds of ammunitions.

David was also identified as one of the drug surrenderers under the Oplan Double Barrel Alpha and has a pending robbery case at the Pampanga Provincial Prosecutors Office.