PINOY Aquaman Ingemar Patino Macarine successfully set a record as the first Filipino to cross the Bay Bridge Marina, Kent Island to Sandy Point Beach, Annapolis Maryland via solo open water swim last Wednesday in the United States.

Macarine, 38, an environmental lawyer, finished the 8.1-kilometer distance solo open water swim in two hours and 53 minutes.

Macarine added that during his solo open water swim, the current was not that strong but he was challenged by the water temperature.

“I was really happy that I made it. A lot of swimmers taking this route in the annual great Chesapeake Bay Swim couldn’t finish the swim because of the strong current. I am glad that during my attempt, the current was not that strong,” said Macarine.

This is Macarine’s 13th open water swim. He plans to continue doing this to draw awareness to the importance of protecting the marine life.