Saturday July 21, 2018

Misamis Oriental guv backs inmates’ chicharon project

INMATES in Misamis Oriental Provincial Jail (MOPJ) will be getting support from Governor Yevgeny Vincente Emano in developing their chicharon business while behind bars.

Emano handed over an amount worth P25,000 as capital for the chicharon-making livelihood.

“When I tasted their chicharon for the first time, it was so delicious that I almost did not believe that they made it. So when I tasted it, I had a plan to support this initiative and make it into a sustainable livelihood for the inmates while they spend their time here,” Emano said, during his speech at the MOPJ on Tuesday, May 9, for the inauguration of the jail's new administration building.

“We will help in any way we can, because even though they are inside a jail, they still have family outside who needs support,” he said.

He assured the inmates that the government will support this livelihood, urging the inmates to make a lot of chicharon, and that the province will take care on how to sell it.

Emano said the amount will be used to buy utensils and ingredients necessary for the chicharon.

He said the province will also tap the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Science and Technology to help in the packaging of the product.

Political prisoner Vincent Libona said they are grateful for the boost of the livelihood opportunity they have started in December last year.

“It started so small and now with the capital given by Governor Emano, we now have a chance to sell it and earn money for our families,” Libona said.

“We are grateful that the administration of Governor Emano make us feel special and has worth, we are not neglected. We are still included in his programs and plans,” he added.

Aside from chicharon-making, the inmates will also venture in candle-making and slippers-making.