As a senior citizen, I am constantly amazed at how new technology is affecting just about every aspect of our lives. Many of us old 'uns are often baffled by it all, though it was amusing the other day to find that three young Apple employees were unable to tell me how to reload my iPod as they simply didn't know!

On Thursday, I was invited to the Ayala Museum in Makati for the media launch of the latest technological breakthrough designed to make a museum experience more interesting, more exciting and more alive.

The museum has joined forces with the Harish and Johnsen Group to launch what is called 3D Augmented Reality (AR). It really does add what local artistic director Rene Hinojales would call the "Wow" factor.

The Ayala Museum is the first in Asia to offer the AR feature. This is how it works.

When you tour the museum's famous Dioramas, simply don your headphones and hold your smart phone or iPad in front of the AR-ready Dioramas and "Wow," these historic scenes will be brought to life by exciting animation, realistic sound effects and voice narrations.

If you're using your own smart phone, you'll need to download the app, but no need as you can rent special AR units from the museum for a modest P95.

"An iconic part of childhood for many a Filipino thanks to school tours and family visits to the museum, the Dioramas were envisioned to be a compelling way to tell the rich history of our country,” says Mariles Gustilo, senior director for Arts and Culture of the Ayala Foundation.

"Now, with the new AR feature, we're giving the Dioramas a whole new experience."

The new AR feature was conceptualized, designed and developed by Harish and Johnsen and supported by Globe, Avida Land and the Power Mac Center.

Shirah Ragos Segarra, vice president of the Haresh Johnsen Group, says, "We are not just revolutionizing the experience, but are actually witnessing evolution unwrap itself right before our very eyes, in the palm of our hands - literally."

The 3D AR feature was publicly launched yesterday during the 117th anniversary of Philippine independence.

During the day, Globe postpaid subscribers were treated to free museum admission and able to download a free version of the AR app while pre-paid user were afforded generous discounts on entrance fees.

The Ayala Museum is an amazing place - with the introduction of the dynamic 3D AR feature, the best just got better.*